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Three simple pricing plans. Customizable, multilingual horoscope reports with charts, calculations and detailed predictions LifeSign provides horoscope reports with inclusive calculations, predictions and remedies. It can let you generate reports in a variety of formats to meet the specific requirements of your customers.

Panchanga Predictions Provides Panchanga predictions based on weekday, nakshatra, thithi, karana and nithya yoga Bhava Predictions Analyses the 12 bhavas in birth chart to give predictions on various aspects - personality, family, career, wealth, health, marriage etc. Paryanthardasa Predictions on apaharas will be provided for 25 years; so also for the paryanthardasas within each apaharas.

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ஜாதகம் பொருத்தம் | Tamil Horoscope Matching for Marriage

Mathrubhumi expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied or statutory, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy or completeness, of any report, information or material available through this website or from any business partner of Mathrubhumi. This report is an independent work of Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt. Ltd, and the predictive text should only be considered as an opinion broadly based on the principles of Indian astrology.

Astro Vision LifeSign Mini - Quick overview

Astro-Vision astrological calculations are based on scientific equations and not on any specific published almanac. Therefore, comparisons between the calculations made by Astro-Vision and those published in almanacs are absolutely unwarranted.

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Astro-Vision's Astrology Software is being used for over 25 years by famous Astrologers all over the world. Our Astrology Software has found wide acceptance both in India and abroad.

Astro-Vision's Vedic Astrology software has complete set of calculations required for astrological analysis and for providing astrology consultancy. If you are looking for an astrology software which includes calculations as well as predictions, then check out Astro-Vision LifeSign Astrology Software with predictions. Astro-Vision's AstroPack 1.

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  4. If you select the user defined ayanamsa, you can choose from either the Fagen-Allen ayanamsa or any other ayanamsa method of your choice by selecting the Base year and the precession per year. These options are especially useful for astrologers and astrology students who are interested in Vedic astrology research.

    Astropack 1. And what's more is this feature is fully customizable giving and give you option to add more city details. Two options available for dasa system, one consisting of Two options available for selection of method for Bhava Bala in this Indian Horoscope Software, one being the nature of mercury determined by association, the other being mercury being benefic, irrespective of association.

    AstroPack Software For Astrologer

    Unlike other Astrology programs, AstroPack 1. You can even choose from the templates available in AstroPack 1. While selecting a custom ayanamsa, the method to be used for gulikadi group calculations can also be specified, i. Astrology Software now comes with a special offer. A few unique features of this Panchang Software include dual language mode, i.

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    The longitude of planets including that of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are given as per western method of calculation. Nirayana longitudes of planets, which is the basis of calculations in the Indian system are derived from the sayana values. All the charts, calculations and analysis provided in this horoscope software are based on vedic Astrology.