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  1. Moon Phases for Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand in 12222
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A week after the New Moon, we can see a quarter of the Moon illuminated. Two weeks after the New Moon, we see the Full Moon. Three weeks after the New Moon, we get to see half of the illuminated part of the Moon. Facing moments of doubt? Contact one of our experts for some extra guidance! Leave a comment.

Moon Phases for Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand in 12222

Leave us a comment 5 4 3 2 1 0. See more. How Romantic Is Your Sign? Are you a hopeless romantic or an absent-minded romantic? How Jealous Are You? How jealous are you? Extremely jealousy, or moderately jealousy? Are you one of them? Your request is being dealt with, we will contact you shortly.

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Please check the fields below and click the OK button. Last name. First name. Moon Phases:. Lunar Phases explained:. New Moon. First Quarter. Which is just what we did. Exercise AND chat to make the most of our precious time sans kids! The Moon conjoins Venus in Taurus: June 1, I met with some of my mama-friends for one of their birthdays. We noticed this sweet pineapple plant next to us, making us think of our other mama-friend who had lost her son not long before. I sent her this pic. Plant spirit medicine in the most literal sense.

Kari Samuels - Moon Phases - Astrology For Your Birth Chart

Peace and recovered joy to all those grieving such losses. The Moon conjoins Venus in Gemini: July 1, For this Gemini moment, I took my son and his twin-from-other-parents to this beautiful Venusian park and they frolicked within the green canopy of the trees under this bright blue sky full of white, fluffy clouds, surrounded by birds. Very Air-y fairy! The Moon conjoins Venus in Leo: July 31, A day of nature adventures and nature friends such as little bugs, found feathers, and this tree. All enjoyed in the company of my kiddo.

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  4. We were reading and talking all bout the spirit of nature and listening to nature's messages for us. Pure, natural joy of nature connection! The Moon conjoins Venus in Virgo: August 30, Singing up the Sun during this time of bountiful harvest became one of my new favorite things to do this year. Such a simple gesture and experience of connection to that which is greater than ourselves.

    The magic of nature really is astounding. We are so lucky. Thank you Sun. It's so nice to see you each morning even when you're behind the clouds- I know you're still there , and these flowers and berries each year. Grateful for receiving such harvests!

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    The Moon conjoins Venus in Libra: September 29, This photo is from 5 years prior, but it came up around the appointed time I am dressed as Baba Yaga, the Russian witch. I have completed a passage celebration that was the culmination of a year of working with Baba Yaga and getting to know many other beautiful Dark Goddesses. I can't help but think that she 'popped up' right on time as a reminder of her accompaniment of me.

    Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

    Also: on this day, I posted my pink hair pic. All the Venus coming through! You may, however, be over-confident and may not have a good grasp of practicalities. It is a suitable time for large-scale plans but not for any occupations which require attention to detail. There is an increase in formality, strictness and exactitude, with a tendency to reserve and distance. Rules and regulations are dominant. It is a suitable time for all activities which require extra responsibility and discipline, but you shouldn't rely on someone's receptivity or emotional pliability. There is an increased interest in knowledge, and a need to communicate with like-minded individuals.

    At the same time, your desire for freedom and independence is strengthened, and you will want to establish your own rules. It is a good period for reading, study and scientific pursuits. However, activities which require subordination and discipline, as well as jobs which bore you, will go from bad to worse now. This brings an increase of emotions and a receptivity to other peoples' feelings. You will have a desire to be of help, and you may be willing to sacrifice something for the sake of others. Your emotions predominate over common sense, so it is better to do things which require imagination and inspiration, rather than reason and cool logic.

    Your body may be more responsive than usual to alcohol, drugs and medicines, so beware of overdoses. Poor quality food could also give you a touch of food poisoning. Good for: Traveling, healing. Doing business. Taking care of hair and nails. Good for: Trade and finding treasures. Seeking favor from those in a position of authority. Sowing seeds. Traveling by land. Using fire, hunting. Good for: Art and creativity. Work and study.

    Business and commerce. Not good for: Marriage, friendship. Real estate, building. Wells and mines.

    Moon's Astrological Place in the Zodiac

    Traveling by sea. Good for: Studies and other intellectual activities.

    New Moon in Scorpio Oppose Uranus Oct 26-27 2019 Astrology Horoscope All Signs

    Artistic activities. Seeking a favour from a superior.

    Traveling, especially by water. Return from a journey. Washing and cutting hair. Good for: Business and trade. Obtaining the favour of superiors.

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    Love, friendship. Good for: Love and marriage. Family life, friendship. Achievement of a goal. Travel by land.